Hundreds of people have anticipated for a whole year what will happen during the three days of the VII International Congress around the ADEE. All that waiting will be rewarded with this burst of energy: learning, excitement, personal growth.

The ALPE Foundation has the mission of improving the quality of life of people with ASDD, Achondroplasia and other Skeletal Dysplasias with Dwarfism, worldwide. This general mission is concretized in different objectives whose persecution is the backbone of all the activity of this foundation.

Well, in the Congress, in that short time in our city, Gijón, an intense activity of high impact is developed in the achievement of many of these objectives:

-the personal development and growth of children, young people and adults with ADEE;

-training of parents and young people in everything that has to do with their condition, medically and socially;

-exchange of knowledge and good practices between professionals in the different fields;

-awareness of these professionals about the effective importance of their care and attention in the quality of life of patients;

-patient access to the on-site clinical care offered by prestigious specialists during those days;

-dissemination in society as a whole of a real image of people with dwarfism, away from harmful stereotypes;

-analysis of the problems and current issues of interest for the definition of upcoming objectives that organize the effort of all.

The Congress is organized in Expert Discussion Tables, Workshops and Parallel Activities, among which is, finally!, the V ALPE Awards for the best work in favor of people with ASDD Gala a well as meetings between various groups of organizations in the world. Our city, Gijón, is open and welcoming. And it has recently recognized us with its Silver Medal, of which we are so proud! There will also be no lack of activity aimed at promoting friendship, vital growth and energy loading.

We are waiting for you!

*We encourage you to book your accommodation as soon as possible. It might be difficult if you wait long.

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